Grounds for Health – Saving Women’s Lives in the Coffee Belt


When Dan Cox, president of a US coffee roasting company, began visiting coffee farms as he selected coffee to roast, he noticed a disturbing trend: women throughout the coffee belt are dying from cervical cancer, a treatable form of cancer, at alarming rates. Despite a low cost of screening and treatment, many women in coffee-growing countries do not have access to the basic healthcare that would save their lives.

Grounds for Health has been building momentum since their start in 2013, increasing the number of women they have treated for cervical cancer to an incredible 1,210 this year. We want to help them keep that number growing!

With Brothers Coffee’s launch month – January – also being cervical cancer awareness month, we’ve decided that we will donate $1 per subscription to their operations! Brothers Coffee understands that we have a responsibility to make the world a better place. With such a low cost in treatment and so many women dying to this disease, we are beyond excited to partner with Grounds of Health.

For more information on their work – or to make a donation – please visit their website: We’ll be posting more information about them soon, so keep an eye on our blog!

Grounds for Health in Ethiopia

Matthew Little

Matthew Little is one of the two brothers that founded Brothers Coffee. He operates the company out of Burlington, Vermont.

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