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Theodore’s Coffee Roasters


When we founded Brothers Coffee, one of our goals was to become large enough to help support very small roasters that have great values and ideas and give them the momentum they need to thrive in a competitive market. Theodore’s Coffee Roasters from Owossa, MI is one of these roasters, and we’re very excited to help them this month!

All of Theodore’s coffee is sourced through direct trade, a result of Theodore’s founder Darwin Pavon’s relationship with farmers throughout Central America and, more recently, Africa. Direct trade relationships can be difficult to form, even for large roasters, but Darwin’s unique experiences growing up in Honduras and work all around the world has put him in a position to immediately cut out the middle-men and work with his coffee-growing friends from Honduras, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala and more. Keep reading

The Roasterie: Air-Roasted Coffee


When we’re looking for roasters, we search for those that have found new and unique ways of making the world a better place. When they use a new and unique roasting method to bring out the best flavors in their coffee, it’s a bonus. The Roastarie, our April roaster, has perfected and popularized air-roasting coffee.

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How to Update Your Roast Preferences


At Brothers Coffee, we’re always listening to the feedback we get, looking for ways to make your coffee experience perfect. We’ve been hearing since launch that many of you would like to select your roast preferences to make sure you enjoy all the coffee you get from us.

Because of this, we’re happy to announce we will now be giving our members 3 roast options: light, dark and both. If you select “both,” we’ll continue to help you find new coffees by curating a selection of our favorites that will include coffees on both sides of the scale.

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March Coffee Selection – Kickapoo Coffee Roasters


The quality of Kickapoo’s coffee is such that we are confident our subscribers will enjoy any of their coffees, no matter which ones we choose. We had a lot of fun picking out a variety that would be perfect for any kitchen or office!

Read more about Kickapoo Coffee Roasters here.

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Kickapoo Coffee Roasters


When good systems aren’t already in place, it’s your job to create them yourself. That’s what we believe at Brothers Coffee, and that’s a mission that has driven Kickapoo Coffee to create systems that help others. Like Larry’s Coffee, they are co-owners of Co-op Coffee, a coop co-owned by roasters all across the US that want to create direct trade relationships. In addition, the Fair Trade organization’s pricing charts haven’t been updated in years, so Kickapoo coffee is overhauling their entire system and creating new minimum prices that guarantee coffee farmers have enough to live on and a little more. In many cases, Kickapoo’s prices will be more than double Fair Trade prices. Keep reading

February Coffee Selection – Larry’s Coffee Roasters


Larry’s Coffee Roaster’s huge selection of excellent coffees made narrowing it down to just three a difficult task this month. They feature a rotating selection of 15 single-origins and 15 unique blends!

All of Larry’s coffee is shade-grown, organic and fair-trade. Many have great stories behind them, from direct sourcing to great causes. We’ve selected just a few of our favorites. Keep reading

Larry’s Coffee – The Whole Package


Brothers Coffee has selected Larry’s Coffee for our February roaster because they are the whole package. From their process of importing coffee, to their office, packaging, and even transportation, they are obsessed with finding new and innovative ways to improve systems and help others.

In addition, Larry’s passion has always been about discovering new and unique coffees to roast and blend. To him and his team, it’s not just about great coffee, but about unique coffee. It’s this mission that has set them up to become the company they are today, using the art of coffee as a platform to invest in others.

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January Coffee Selection – Trailhead Coffee Roasters


All three of our selected coffees are organic, single-origin, and have been imported from completely female owned and operated farms!

From the Trailhead Website:

“We dwell in the world of medium roast. A medium roast allows the nuance of origin to shine through while getting the nice caramelization that happens as you move beyond light roasts. Each coffee is unique. If it’s a berry-note Ethiopian, we go lighter; a chocolatey coffee from Mexico, we go a bit darker; or, a earthy Sumatra, we go for a dark roast.

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Grounds for Health – Saving Women’s Lives in the Coffee Belt


When Dan Cox, president of a US coffee roasting company, began visiting coffee farms as he selected coffee to roast, he noticed a disturbing trend: women throughout the coffee belt are dying from cervical cancer, a treatable form of cancer, at alarming rates. Despite a low cost of screening and treatment, many women in coffee-growing countries do not have access to the basic healthcare that would save their lives.

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